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Pretty Little Liars Season 3 Episode 23: I’m Your Puppet -Theory 1

I know these Aria is a theories get annoying, but Aria is ALWAYS in the same scene as the letter A! As we recall from Season 3 Episode 5, Aria was also spotted near the ace of hearts. I just don’t believe the coincidence!


What a coincidence?

There are no coincidences in Pretty Little Liars!

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Remember when Aria, Ezra, Malcolm are playing trains?  The name of the train station is Greenville.  Greenville is in SC, as is Hilton Head.  

There is also a Greenville, NJ. Cape May is also in NJ.  

I just thought that this is interesting, don’t you?  I wonder which one it refers to or if there is a connection.  They show everything for a reason. 

After all, Aria is “the conductor”. ;-)

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coincidence? i think not.

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there were pigs on the cupcakes A gave to hanna back in season 1


and then last night there was a pig in the trunk of the car


it’s probably just a coincidence but i was trying to think of a reason for the pig being there and aria’s pig puppet pigtunia came to mind! maybe it’s hinting that she’s on the a-team?? idk just something i thought of.


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He has a theory…

To all my followers, after a long hiatus, I am back. Prepare to theorize.



I think Alison’s mum buried her protecting someone but I don’t think it’s a twin. That could be why Jessica is back and why Alison hasn’t mentioned her or gone to tell her she’s alive. I think they have a secret sister or brother but not a twin. This twin looked a lot like Ali and had to go to Radley which is why Jessica is on the board of trustees. The mysterious relative was on the roof with Marion Cavanaugh when she fell. so she was kept in their indefinitely. She escaped from Radley ‘that night’ and hit Ali with a spade. Jessica saw this and didn’t want to get her in more trouble so she buried her. However Ali was pulled out by Grunwald and was saved. The only question is how did the body get Ali’s famous yellow blouse on when Ali had it on that night? But better still did Ali kill the person and bury them or did someone else?

Come backkkkkkk !

Here I am!

Theme Song Theory

My theory is that in the theme song, each scene is part of each of the girls which represents each part of Allie. For example, the eye is Aria’s, the hair is Hanna’s, the bracelet is Spencer, and Emily could be the dress. Which leaves Allison being the lipgloss since she was always putting on makeup.